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The new revolutionary muesli with roasted legumes and whole cereals such as Quinoa, Soy, Lentils, Peas, with dried fruit and pumpkin seeds that combines taste and crunchiness with an incredible wealth of nutritional values. Organic, Gluten-free, without added sugar, Natural Crispy Nutrimix contains 24% protein and is the ideal choice for a nutritious and natural breakfast and a break. Without salt and added oil it contains 45% sugar and 30% less fat than the average crunchy muesli (source AIDEPI)

Valori Nutrizionali per 100g di prodotto (Valore energetico 1647kj)

Proteine 24.9g
Carboidrati 33.7g
Zuccheri 12.9g
Grassi 14g
Grassi Saturi 5.2g
Fibre 16.6g
Sale 0.01g
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