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The scent and intense aroma of a good Italian coffee combined with the crunchy taste of traditional corn flakes. Ready to be dipped in white milk or yogurt to offer you the pleasure of a whole new breakfast, combining goodness and health. Coffee Flakes is the only cereal enriched with OMEGA3 Omega3 are natural polyunsaturated fatty acids that help improve blood fliudity and reduce the deposition of triglycerides and cholesterol on artery walls, helping to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Precious natural ingredients, a contribution to our well-being.

Valori Nutrizionali per 100g di prodotto (Valore energetico 1578kj)

Proteine 7g
Carboidrati 85g
Zuccheri 25g
Amido 59g
Grassi 0.8g
Grassi Saturi 0.2g
Fibra alimentare 2g
Sodio 0.3g
Omega3 0.024g

40g di prodotto con 125ml di latte parzialmente scremato

Proteine 6.8g
Carboidrati 40.4g
Zuccheri 15.8g
Amido 24g
Grassi 2.8g
Grassi Saturi 1.3g
Fibra alimentare 0.8g
Sodio 0.2g
Omega3 0.0096g
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