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For almost 30 years our daily commitment is to produce healthy and natural food, enriched with the natural taste of cereals with limited intake of: sugars, flavorings, chemical products and without additional fats.

In every Cerealvit product you will find only the best of the Italian land, water and sun. We believe a lot in this, because we are convinced that goodness is made of simple and genuine things.

Hectic life intense physical activity long period of stress create food shortages that need to be reintegrated for the proper balance of our body.

With this in mind, we have therefore decided to integrate important nutrients such as:


An antioxidant naturally present in our cells, very effective in fighting aging. Age, a very intense physical activity, and an unbalanced diet cause the CoEnzyme Q10 to decrease in our body, so it may be useful to reintegrate it.


A mineral present in nature, has an effective antioxidant and detoxifying action, which promotes cell protection from free radicals, responsible

of cellular aging.


It is an oil extracted from blue fish and is known for the beneficial properties exerted on the heart and the circulatory system.


It is a natural fiber that stimulates the growth of intestinal flora, helping to strengthen our natural defenses.

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