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The lightest and most natural snack. Only crunchy puffed corn balls flavored with sugar and salt. A delicate and natural…


Crispy soybean balls, to be added to breakfast, vegetable soups or nibbles. Rich in phospholipids, they help to fight cholesterol.…

Cruscam 250 g

Crunchy wheat bran flakes to be eaten for breakfast, milk or yogurt.   Cruscam is the bran cereal with the…

Puffs of corn

Food in nature richer in dietary fiber (42%) useful for regularizing intestinal transit. From organic farming, it is vacuum-packed to…

Breakfast of 5 cereals

Corn, wheat bran, rice, oats, soy, and the delicious chocolate-covered or coffee-drowned bows. A unique food that combines many natural…

Corn Flakes

The traditional Corn Flakes of the English breakfast, for light and nutritious breakfast for the whole family.

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