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Active cereals for your wellness

Why “Functional”

The concept of functional foods originated in Japan in the 1980s. They are foods which, through the addition of carefully selected ingredients, can have a beneficial effect on health in additional to their basic nutritional value.

At Cerealvit, our daily commitment has always been to produce healthy, natural and balanced foods that promote well-being.

With our new “functional” range, we offer something extra!

In addition to the benefits of the cereal itself, our functional cereals are enriched with ingredients chosen for their ability to lower cholesterol levels in the blood, to decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases, to promote weight loss and help you live better.

All of this in a simple and natural approach, with products that taste great and are good for everyone!

The Cerealvit functional products contain only good, natural ingredients, and for this reason they have no contraindications and can be consumed by everyone.

Read more about our functional products.


University of Ferrara

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